Personal Training and Fitness Education

I would highly recommend Lynn Olcott and M.A.T. The reason quite simply is that I had a severe heel problem, which doctors could not resolve. Lynn not only identified the problem but also identified other muscles that were causing the problem. She was able to relieve my pain within 90 days. The improvement is amazing.
I am continuing to see Lynn, because my whole body feels better and I use exercises Lynn has taught me to keep myself feeling good. I am 52 years old and my goal is to be active and healthy with an enjoyable life after 75 years old!
With Lynn’s extensive training, she creates an honest, focused approach to keeping my body pain free and mobile. If you have pain, or are looking for ways to improve your body, then M.A.T. with Lynn is the program for you. It sure helped me.

When I met Lynn almost 3 years ago, I had had my second child in 13 months and I was trying to get back in shape. I exercised 3 to 4 times a week, but I was not seeing any results. Thinking back, I was probably harming my body more than helping it. I was exercising regularly, but for the most part I was doing the same cardio and strength training exercises each time. I didn't have much diversity in my workout routines because my knowledge was limited to my experience in college athletics. I learned through Lynn that when you do the same workout frequently you tend to create an imbalance in your muscles because you naturally become dominant on one side due to redundancy. Immediately when I started working with Lynn, she discovered alot of my muscles were not equal in strength on both sides of my body--which caused me to not do my exercises properly and not produce any results. With the use of Lynn's knowledge in Muscle Activation Techniques and exercise training, she was able to strengthen and activate my weaker muscles first with MAT and then weekly training sessions. This helped to give me equal muscle strength on both sides of my body and the ability of my muscles to work together. I am now able to exercise more effectively. I saw an incredible difference in my body composition and muscle strength within only a couple weeks. I still workout with Lynn - she's my guideline to a healthy body.

Lynn has an amazing ability to assess the weak points in a body and strengthen them. Sessions with her increased my ranges of motion, eliminated pain, and enabled me to continue the physical activities that keep me toned, balanced, and in condition. She was a Godsend to me! Everyone who has the privilege to spend time with Lynn improves their well-being. I highly recommend her!.

Lynn, thank you for your willingness to help me with my occassional aches that accompany the overuse from being in the fitness industry. You have been very helpful in teaching me how to perform some of the best isometric exercises for rehabilitation and correction of muscle imbalances. Everyone that I have referred to you thank me for doing so after they have met with you.  All the best to you!

I came to Lynn as a last hope for hip pain I'd been suffering for almost 2 years. I'd been on several rounds of various anti-inflammatory medications. I even had one cortisone injection. I had been through three rounds of physical therapy. I'd had numerous x-rays, an MRI, even a bone scan. The doctors could not find any problems and nothing relieved the pain. I had become quite discouraged. Then I found Lynn's number on the internet. I showed up to my first appointment with Lynn hopeful and with an open mind. What I left with was something truly amazing! Throughout the initial examination, it was apparent I had many, many muscle weaknesses. It is hard to describe what happened next. As Lynn worked with me that evening, and throughout the remainder of my treatment, there was tangible evidence that her work was making me stronger. I could see the results immediately! It was nothing short of miraculous (strong word, I know, but it's the truth)!! I was seeing immediate and positive results. My pain is slowly diminishing. I am now able to sleep on my sides most nights (I haven't been able to do that in more than a year and a half) and sitting does not cause me as much pain as it used to. And I have Lynn to thank for all of this.

About ten years ago, I was the victim of a falling piece of gym equipment and hit by a car (I was walking) in the same year. For the next five years I spent most of my days in pain. Both injuries caused me torn muscles and being hit by a car dislocated my right shoulder and left hip. After many attempts with "Western" medicine, I was unable to tolerate pain medicine and did not want to have surgery that came with a 50% success rate. I began seeing a chiropractor and having weekly massages. Eventually, I added acupuncture and finally went months at a time without pain. Things seemed to be going well, but my treatments never "stuck". I was continuously needing therapy on a regular basis. Since I am always willing to try new things, especially if they may improve my health, a friend recommended Lynn for muscle activation therapy. I went in expecting a massage of some sort and was impressed with the physiology and kinesiology behind the technique. I performed the reinforcement exercises as instructed and found that my treatments lasted much longer and my muscles became stronger. Not only have I had success with the treatments, but I appreciate the honesty Lynn provides with making sure everyone she treats realizes that this is a "proactive" therapy. You get out of it what you put in. I have been virtually pain free for 6 months. This for me is a big accomplishment. I recommend Lynn and muscle activation therapy for anyone who is willing to go the extra mile for their body and health. I hope everyone who has this opportunity takes it and finds success.