Personal Training and Fitness Education

RONDE BARBER, Tampa Bay Buccaneers
"I've been training all my life, but it wasn't until I started working with MAT that I understood how to make my body work to its optimal performance. If there is one thing Lynn has taught me, it's that no matter how conditioned your muscles are, they need to be maintained and MAT is the best way I've found to do it!"

MARK JONES, Tampa Bay Buccaneers
 "Lynn provides something unmatched by any other MAT therapist. Her deep belief in what she does and her passion for MAT is shown through her work. Since knowing Lynn, my body has been able to withstand and recover from injury. She helped me bounce back from a ruptured patella tendon that caused me to miss half the season. She works with me, understanding my problems and makes sure when I get off the table I am feeling stronger and better than before. Not only does she provide relief, she also takes the time to explain what she is doing, the parts of the body that are not working and how I can maintain what she does in-between visits. I am so grateful and thankful for her and the talent God has blessed her with.

ADAM HAYWARD, Tampa Bay Buccaneers
Thanks to Lynn a.k.a The Muscle Whisperer.  I was able to go through the whole year without major injuries. Last year I had trouble getting through the season with my bad hamstring injury and knee injury. I was worried how they would hold up this past season. That is when I met Lynn, after hearing Lynn explain what MAT really is I was interested. After a few seasons I noticed my prior injuries weren’t bothering me or inhibiting my ability to play on Sundays. I knew then and there that this really works and Lynn is magical. Lynn thanks again for all the help and getting me ready for the next Sunday week in and week out.

SABBY PISCITELLI, Tampa Bay Buccaneers
The lady with magic hands. Due to Lynn 's weekly sessions i got stronger throughout the season and my muscles didn't fatigue as the year went on. In which case it allowed me to still have that first step explosion toward the end of the season. It helped keep my body feeling fresh and my recovery was amazing. Its the best maintenance you can do for your body and also prevents injuries.

DAVID BELL, Philadelphia Phillies
Through Lynn Olcott and M.A.T. I was able to find the missing piece in my recovery from injury. It is a great tool to use to keep my body in balance during the baseball season.